• Sports Attorney Warren Friss

  • Posted on September 15, 2017
  • It is simply the case that Warren Friss has cultivated a legal specialty that has turned him into someone with a difference. He has clients throughout the United States and the world in part because he knows how to deal with legal issues in the area of sports, especially professional sports. He has done a lot of work with sports leagues, players’ associations and the like and he has developed a strong proficiency for that area, but he has also dealt with a great many consumer product companies, so he knows exactly how to get the best licensing deals, as well as promotional and sponsorship deals. He has also shown a remarkable aptitude for dealing with matters related to intellectual property and personality rights issues in a way that brings his clients the greatest benefit.
    Warren Friss
    In reality, Warren Friss is highly regarded and sought-after based on his expertise in the sports arena, in part due to the many years he served as the general counsel for The Topps Company. For those unfamiliar, Topps ranks among the most important and prestigious sports cards and memorabilia organizations in the entire world. While at Topps, Warren oversaw virtually every aspect of their legal and compliance functions, and every bit of that experience has served him well in subsequent years.

    To every client, Warren Friss provides the clearest legal advice and counsel that encompasses every aspect of business, as well as every stage of the life-cycle of that business, regardless of whether they are a start-up just beginning their existence, or they are an established company capable of boasting of decades of success.

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